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Release Notes for version 2.6.0

New features#

  • Dark Mode and some fresh looks 🦄
  • Added »Now«/»Today« buttons for date/time fields in model detail and inline editor
  • Date and Time fields now show UTC (server) time in all fields regardless of the client time zone and therefore also save UTC times
  • Remote connections can now be duplicated
  • Project Groups – select group assignment in the project settings for easier organisation of your local and remote projects
  • Project Labels – select in the project settings, shows up in project list and in the footer
  • Added sorting for projects


  • Fixed a bug that caused some SSH keys to be invalid and prevented connecting
  • Fix: Added missing reload after saving model detail
  • Fix: Prevented toggling of password / passphrase visibility in SSH connection window by hitting enter
  • Fixed date/time formatting that resulted in malformatted datetime strings