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We love to share everything that we know about building software. As trusted experts, we create high-quality video courses for web developers.

PHP Package Development

Benefit from thinking about building your code in packages.

Learn how you can encapsulate your code in smaller more manageable blocks. The best selling video course on package development for PHP and Laravel. 

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Desktop apps with Electron

Coming Soon

Create desktop applications with web technologies

Learn how to build, publish, and distribute desktop applications for MacOS, Windows and Linux as a web developer by using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

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Learning ReactPHP


Learn all about what's powering Laravel WebSockets, Expose and more

Learn all about ReactPHP. It allows you to write non-blocking asynchronous PHP code and gives you the ability to perform tasks with PHP that you previously thought weren't possible.

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Build a Chatbot

The chatbot hype is over, but they are a standard tool for many use-cases.

Learn how you can develop, expand and test, chatbots and voicebots with PHP. With practical examples for different messaging services.

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Laravel Nova Mastery


Become the most productive developer in the galaxy.

In this Laracasts series Marcel Pociot shows how to get Nova running quickly and easily. From the basic installation to generating metrics and custom themes.

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Learn Laravel Forge


Build and configure servers with Laravel Forge.

In this Laracasts series instructor Marcel Pociot will steer you through the ins and outs of building and configuring servers with Laravel Forge.

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New course: Desktop apps with Electron