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Referral Program Referral Program

We love to give back to our community. That's why we run a referral system for our products where you can earn digital goodies and physical swag like stickers, shirts and more by referring our tools to your friends and colleagues.

Share the love, get rewarded

Developers like you talk about the tools that they use all the time and that's why we want to reward you for it. We've created a unique set of digital and physical rewards that you can only earn by referring the tools that you love to your friends and colleagues.

Share your link

Share the link with your friends, colleagues or followers. Send them a private message, invite someone via email or share it publicly.

They get a better deal

If they buy via your link, they get updates for 14 months before they need to renew for updates. That's 2 months more than the regular license.

You get rewarded

Check your referral dashboard to see how many people you referred. Once you reach a certain number of referrals, you'll get a reward.

Referral Rewards

Special Tinkerwell theme

You get access to the custom "Nebula" Tinkerwell theme.

Collection of Beyond Code Stickers

We'll send you a collection of Beyond Code stickers that you can put on your laptop, fridge or anywhere else. Not interested in glue? You get a mention with a link to your social media profile or blog in our next newsletter to more than 10,000 developers.

Tinkerwell T-Shirt

We'll send you a Tinkerwell t-shirt. Amazing to wear to on your next conference or meetup. If you prefer a digital alternative, we extend your Tinkerwell license for one more year so that you can stay updated and get the latest features when they are available.

Beyond Code Swag Box

We'll send you a box with Beyond Code swag, including a Beyond Code water bottle, stickers and socks. As a digital alternative, we upgrade your Tinkerwell license to a lifetime license that gets every update that we'll ever make!

Terms and Conditions

  • The referral program is currently limited to Tinkerwell. We are working on expanding the program to other products but for now, it's Tinkerwell only. There are no rewards for other products in place.
  • Digital rewards are available for all users in all countries and we try to offer digital alternatives to physical rewards to make the referral program interesting for everyone even if we can't ship to their location.
  • Physical rewards are available to users in the EU, UK, US and Canada. We are trying to expand our program to other countries as well, but we are limited by shipping options and customs declarations.
  • Referrals must be valid and confirmed by our platform in order to count for the referral program. For this, it's important that your friends use your referral link when purchasing a license.
  • We reserve us the right to disqualify referrals that are not valid or that are not in the spirit of the program. If you aren't sure if a referral is valid, it's likely not – but you can contact us to clarify at any time.
  • If you refer a friend to a product that they already own or if they buy the product through a different referral link, the referral will not count for your account and we can't change that after the purchase.
  • If you have any questions about the referral program, please contact us.