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We make a difference We make a difference

Making software and courses for developers is what we do. But it isn’t all we are. We’re here to share our knowledge and give back to the community. We’re here to make a difference.

Made for developers

Since launching in 2017, our goal has always been to make web developers’ lives easier.

So every product and course we create is made with you in mind. They’re not made for your clients or users. They’re made for developers like you. Like us.

Giving back to the future

We’ve learned so much from the open source and Laravel communities. So we’ll always be on hand to help and support other developers.

By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can continue to push boundaries and build the future of software development. Together.

You’re in good company

Beyond Code isn’t a standard corporate company. It’s a company built for people like us – with our own values at its center.

We’re creative, curious and collaborative. And we work tirelessly with our talented team to solve problems, find solutions and make a difference.

Sebastian Schlein, CEO

Sebastian is responsible for running and developing our company and supporting our customers.

He’s passionate about strategy, sales and marketing and advises young developers, entrepreneurs and freelancers on how to build successful software products.

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Marcel Pociot, CTO

Marcel is the inventor of most Beyond Code tools and the driving force behind our progress.

He’s a famous keynote speaker at software conferences around the world and loves to share his knowledge about building and maintaining software products.

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Diana Scharf, Developer

Di is a full stack developer working on Tinkerwell and all other major products at Beyond Code.

She's a popular conference speaker around Europe and mentors women in tech. She likes contributing to open source projects as well as long walks with her dog.

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We’re all ears

Every question, idea or bug report we get from our customers is an opportunity for us to improve.

So if you run into any issues or want to share some thoughts, check out the Beyond Code GitHub communities or email [email protected].