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Our mission is to remove roadblocks of your daily life by building tools that are enjoyable to use. If you don’t like them, we send you a refund – guranteed!


Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

Email debugging and testing has never been easier.

HELO is a desktop app that listens for outgoing emails of your local applications and catches them. Emails arrive instantly, and HELO supports an unlimited number of inboxes aswell as the creation of unique email addresses that you can use to test your test- and staging-environments.


Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

The magical code editor that runs your code within local and remote PHP applications.

Tinkerwell can run code within your PHP applications. It works locally and on remote servers – no package required. It includes a Laravel default project so that you can start right away.


The Error Tracker that is built for Laravel.

The solution for detecting and solving errors in Laravel is called Flare. Flare tracks all your PHP and JavaScript errors in one place. Think of Ignition—your local error page—in production.

Go to flareapp.io



Expose is the open-source ngrok alternative for PHP developers

It is a beautiful open-source tunnel application that allows you to share your local websites with others over the internet. You can run Expose on your own infrastructure or use our provided server to share your development environments for free.

New course: Desktop apps with Electron