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Full Stack Bundle

Become a master of both worlds and be a super hero with the complete Beyond Code developer toolbox ❤️

  • DevTools for Tailwind CSS
  • Windy
  • Tinkerwell
  • Invoker (One Year)
  • Expose Pro
  • HELO Pro
  • Desktop apps with Electron
  • PHP Package Development Pro
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Laravel Herd

Available exclusively on Mac

Laravel development perfected

Herd is a blazing fast, native Laravel and PHP development environment for macOS. It includes everything you need to get started with Laravel development, including PHP and nginx. Once you install Herd, you're ready to start developing with Laravel.

DevTools for Tailwind CSS

Available for Google Chrome

The DevTools Tailwind deserves

Tailwind's JIT mode is awesome – but it makes designing and debugging in your browser hard! The DevTools for Tailwind CSS bring back designing and debugging in your browser. You can use the full power of the JIT engine and even add classes like border-[30px] on sites that use production builds.


Available for Chrome & Firefox

Transform every HTML element to Tailwind CSS

The Windy browser extension transforms any element on any website into Tailwind CSS classes and HTML.

Just highlight the element and click to copy. Done.


Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

The no-bull Laravel tool.

Don’t waste time building admin panels for your Laravel applications. Let Invoker do the hard work for you. No coding. No setup. No stress.

Invoker is a slick and simple desktop application that gives you all the tools you need to manage your Laravel projects.


Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

The magical code editor that runs your code within local and remote PHP applications.

Tinkerwell can run code within your PHP applications. It works locally and on remote servers – no package required. It includes a Laravel default project so that you can start right away.


Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

The beautiful way to test and debug your emails.

HELO is a desktop application that will change the way you test your emails. No more broken links, missing images, and customer complaints.

Emails arrive instantly, and HELO supports an unlimited number of inboxes aswell as the creation of unique email addresses that you can use to test your test- and staging-environments.