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You need a chatbot? We develop with BotMan, the world’s largest open source PHP chatbot framework used by thousands of developers.

Web Development

You have a new idea? We develop individual applications – from configurators, interfaces and CRM integrations to complex SaaS platforms.


You want to improve your team? We run Laravel and BotMan training courses and with Build a Chabot we offer the online video course on BotMan development.

Open Source

We develop BotMan –
The most popular PHP chatbot framework in the world

BotMan is an open source framework developed in PHP that has established itself as the de facto standard for developing chatbots in PHP over a period of just 12 months.

It doesn’t matter whether the chatbot is to be used for a website, Slack, Facebook Messenger or even voice-controlled on the Amazon Echo Dot – BotMan works cross-platform and can easily be extended for further messengers.

With more than 20,000 downloads, there are already a large number of chat bots that have been developed with the help of our framework for customers and agencies.

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Introducing BotMan Playground
Introducing BotMan Playground

Today, we are announcing our newest product: BotMan Playground – Create, Share and Debug your chatbots in your browser. BotMan Playground provides you with a simple-to-use online code editor to…

Symfony adds BotMan to their official website
Symfony adds BotMan to their official website

Today, Symfony announced that they have added BotMan to their¬†“Projects using Symfony” site! Botman (@botman_io), a framework agnostic PHP library to build chat bots created by @marcelpociot, is the latest…

Listen to an interview with Marcel Pociot on the Laravel Podcast
Listen to an interview with Marcel Pociot on the Laravel Podcast

The Laravel podcast is the most popular podcast in the Laravel developer community and has thousands of regular listeners. This season, Matt Stauffer interviews people that have a high impact…