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We create software tools & video-courses for web developers

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Free Stuff

Our open-source packages have been downloaded more than 20,000,000 times and you can find them here, here and here.

We run Tinkerwell Web. Tinkerwell Web allows you to try out PHP and Laravel all from your browser. You have access to all Laravel classes, an in-memory SQLite database, and can load ready-to-use code snippets.

Marcel blogs about technology, code and programming on and Sebastian runs his blog about sales, leadership, and pricing at

About us

Beyond Code is the company of Marcel Pociot and Sebastian Schlein. We are the owners, entrepreneurs, developers, public speakers, husbands, marketeers, futurists, and branch out into all kinds of other roles from time to time.

We have no plans to hire employees and keep focused on making the life of web developers better.

Marcel Pociot

Marcel is the lead developer of Beyond Code. He creates most of our open source packages, speaks on conferences all over the world, and is the teacher of our online courses.

He hosts the Laravel Lunch Break podcast with his friend Dries Vints where he talks about a variety of web development related topics.

When we wrote this text, we realized that he ranks in the Top 5 of PHP developers in Germany and in the Top 50 worldwide.

You can connect with Marcel on Twitter or subscribe to his newsletter on one of the course websites.

Sebastian Schlein

Sebastian works with our clients and keeps the company on track to our yearly revenue goals. He handles all support questions and occasionally builds features for our software products.

He creates long-term visions for our companies and publishes blog posts about our way to run Beyond Code on his blog.

You can connect with Sebastian on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Xing.

You can contact us on Twitter at @beyondcode, @seb_sebsn and @marcelpociot, or write an email to