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Artisan Commands

When you open a project in Invoker, all your Artisan commands will be available from an intuitive user interface from which you can run any of your available commands.

You can search across your available artisan commands using the input field above the command list. Once you select an artisan command, you will see a generated user interface based on the available arguments and options of the given command.

Behind the scenes, Invoker scans your application's commands and transforms each argument and option to an input field.

In order to provide help texts to your artisan command, you need to add the help texts to your command definition, like this:

protected $signature = 'orders:export {client} {email} 
    {--includeRefunds : Should refunds be included in the export}
    {--sendSlackNotification : Send notifications of the export status via Slack}
    {--channel=#orders : The Slack channel to send notifications to}

Press the "Run" button to execute the artisan command and see the command line output once it's finished.