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Connection configuration#

After you have created a local or remote connection, you can customize certain settings for the given project. This includes the way that Invoker persists its settings, the ability to scan for models, mailables and notifications in your vendor folder, as well as choose a color that will be used on the project list to quickly identify projects.

Persist settings in project directory#

By default, Invoker does not persist the project specific settings (such as visible columns, accessors, widgets, and dashboards) in the project directory - but only in your local user path. This means that all the widgets and dashboards that you create, will not be visible to other teammembers. If you want to share these settings with others, turn this on. Note: Beware that Invoker will write these settings to your project when you are connected via SSH.

Include vendor folder#

This setting determines if Invoker should not only scan your application for Eloquent models, mailables, and notifications, but also all of your composer dependencies. This can be very helpful when your dependencies ship their own models or mailables that you want to inspect - such as Laravel Cashier. Enabling this setting might introduce longer loading times when opening a project.


The project color that you pick here will be used on the project list. You can use this setting to distinguish a production environment from a local development environment.