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Remote Mailboxes

Remote mailboxes in HELO allow you to test your live and staging applications as easily as local application emails. A remote mailbox in HELO gives you a valid email address that you can use to send emails to. HELO will periodically check if your mailbox has an incoming email and display it in the HELO application. This check only runs if you open the selected remote mailbox and wait for the incoming email. If you don't download the email from the server, it is deleted after 5 minutes.

Creating remote mailboxes#

To get started, you can create your first remote mailbox, by pressing the "Create new remote mailbox" button.

Once your mailbox is created, HELO will show you a unique email address. Use this email address to send any emails to HELO. You can identify that HELO is checking a specific inbox, by looking at the HELO header.

Receiving remote emails#

As soon as HELO retrieves an email for the unique email address, it will be visible in the HELO application - just like local mailboxes.