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Learning ReactPHP


Learn all about what's powering Laravel WebSockets, Expose and more

Learn all about ReactPHP. It allows you to write non-blocking asynchronous PHP code and gives you the ability to perform tasks with PHP that you previously thought weren't possible.

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What you'll learn

This free ReactPHP video course gives you an introduction into ReactPHP and explains the concepts behind the framework so that you can start with your own ideas right away.

"ReactPHP is a low-level library for event-driven programming in PHP. [...] [It] is production ready and battle-tested with millions of installations from all kinds of projects around the world. Its event-driven architecture makes it a perfect fit for efficient network servers and clients handling hundreds or thousands of concurrent connections, long-running applications and many other forms of cooperative multitasking with non-blocking I/O operations." (Source: Official ReactPHP website)

  • The Event Loop
    • Working with the event loop of ReactPHP
  • Streams
    • What are Streams in ReactPHP?
    • Through Streams
    • Composite Streams
    • Chunk Sizing and pausing streams
  • Promises
    • Why should you use Promises in ReactPHP?
  • Sockets
    • Creating a simple socket server in ReactPHP
    • Broadcasting all messages with the Limiting Server
    • Using the provided HTTP server
    • Wrap up and where to go from here

Popular examples

ReactPHP powers our most popular open-source projects Expose, a tunneling alternative to ngrok, and Laravel Websockets, a self-hosted replacement for Pusher. You can find many more in the official ReactPHP wiki.