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PHP Package Development

Benefit from thinking about building your code in packages.

Learn how you can encapsulate your code in smaller more manageable blocks. The best selling video course on package development for PHP and Laravel.

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What you'll learn

Learn how we create and maintain PHP packages that have millions of downloads!

This training teaches you how to create packages for PHP and Laravel. It breaks down all the steps that are required for creating your first package, and it starts with the configuration of your IDE, modifying your composer.json file to use your package locally in development, and guides you through all the necessary steps until you can publish your first package on packagist.

If you don't want to share your package with the world and become an open-source contributor, this course teaches you how to use private packages for your own applications.

Laravel developers learn how to add Laravel support to their packages and make use of routes, views, and config files that others can import into their application with composer and artisan commands.

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Course overview

  • Your first PHP Package
    • Package Benefits
    • Every package starts with...
    • Autoload Configuration
    • Your first test
    • PHPUnit Configuration
    • Test Driven Jokes
    • Using your package locally
    • Code Coverage
    • Git git hooray
    • Publishing on Packagist
    • Semantic Versioning
    • Travis CI
    • Style CI
    • Choose a License
    • README files
    • Changelog
    • Git Attributes
    • Issue Templates
    • Package Generators
    • Using a Joke API
    • Private packages
  • Laravel Specifics (Pro)
    • Adding Laravel support
    • Create a custom command
    • Writing tests for our Laravel command
    • Adding routes
    • Adding Views
    • Testing view data
    • Config files
    • Adding Database Migrations
    • Testing Database Migrations
  • Building Laravel Tinker Server (Pro)
    • The package idea
    • Package Development Pt. 1
    • Package Development Pt. 2
    • Refactoring the package

Popular examples

Thousands of developers use our open-source packages in their applications or their daily work. Expose is a tunneling alternative to ngrok written in PHP and provided for free. Other popular Laravel packages are Laravel Websockets and the Laravel Dump Server.