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All desktop applications and browser extensions come with a perpetual fallback license that includes one year of updates. You can access the video courses as long as they are available on our site or download them to keep them forever. The bundle includes access to Expose Pro for one year and the year starts when you redeem the code that we send you.

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Tinkerwell Lifetime License

The Lifetime license is ONLY available this week!

Get it now and get every update that we'll ever make.

If you already have a Tinkerwell license, you can upgrade to the Lifetime license with a tailored discount. Head over to the Tinkerwell website, enter your license key and see your options.

The lifetime license is currently not available

Expose Pro


Share local sites via secure tunnels

Expose is our open source, PHP-based client for exposing local sites via secure tunnels.

With Expose Pro, you can do even more: Get access to our blazing fast global server network, reserve subdomains for you and your team and you can even use Expose whitelabeled with your own domain!

Hop over to expose.dev to create your account and receive 20% off Expose Pro!

Windy + Tailwind DevTools Bundle

Available for Chrome Browsers

Get the bundle that Tailwind CSS devs love

The Windy browser extension transforms any element on any website into Tailwind CSS classes and HTML. Just highlight the element and click to copy. Done.

The DevTools for Tailwind CSS bring back designing and debugging in your browser. They allow you to use the full power of the JIT engine, even if you are working with purged production CSS.


Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

The PHP Scratchpad

Enjoy coding and debugging in an editor designed for fast feedback and quick iterations. It's like a shell for your application – but with multi-line editing, code completion, and more.

Say goodbye to php artisan tinker and hello to Tinkerwell.

Tinkerwell License Extension

Get another year of Tinkerwell updates.

Every Tinkerwell license includes one year of updates and does not renew automatically. Renew your license to add another year of updates to your key.

This week only, you can get the license extension for .
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Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

The ultimate Laravel developer tool

Invoker scans the models of your application and provides an admin interface instantly. It allows you to create dynamic dashboards, test emails, run commands and much more.

No packages or code changes needed. Just install the desktop application and you're ready to go.


Available on Mac, Windows & Linux

Painless local email testing for web developers.

HELO is a desktop application that will change the way you test your emails. No more broken links, missing images, and customer complaints.

Emails arrive instantly, and HELO supports an unlimited number of inboxes aswell as the creation of unique email addresses that you can use to test your test- and staging-environments.