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Laravel Masked DB Dump

Dumping the Database

After you have configured your dump schema, it's time to dump your tables. This can be done using the db:masked-dump artisan command. The command expects one argument, which is the name of the output file to use.

php artisan db:masked-dump output.sql

Running this command, will use the default dump schema definition and write the resulting dump to a file called output.sql.

Changing Definitions#

In case that your configuration file contains multiple dump schema definitions, you can pass the definition to use to the command like this:

php artisan db:masked-dump output.sql --definition=sqlite

GZip compression#

The default output is a plain text file - depending on the size of your dump, you might want to enable GZip compression. This can be done by passing the --gzip flag to the command:

php artisan db:masked-dump output.sql --gzip

This will write the compressed output to a file called output.sql.gz.

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