Laravel API Documentation Generator

Learn how to structure your code in packages

How This Works

After installing this package and running the command php artisan apidoc:generate in your application, here's what happens:

  • The package fetches all your application's routes.
  • It looks through your configuration file to filter the routes to the ones you actually want to document. For each route, it retrieves the settings you want to apply to it, if any.
  • It processes each route. "Process" here involves using a number of strategies to extract the route's information: group, title, description, body parameters, query parameters, and a sample response, if possible.
  • After processing the routes, it generates a markdown file describing the routes from the parsed data and passes them to Documentarian, which wraps them in a theme and converts them into HTML and CSS.
  • It generates a Postman API collection for your routes. (This can be disabled.)
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