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Invoker 2.4

Sebastian Schlein

Invoker with Status bar and Mailable attachments

New status bar

Invoker 2.4 features a new footer bar that shows information about the current project. The bar is color-adjustable and uses the color from its' project settings. This makes it easy to identify the current project and tells you if you are connected to a local project or using a SSH connection at the moment.

The footer bar allows opening the project directly via the browser by showing the configured APP_URL and the Laravel version of the project.

New improvement for Mailables

Previous versions of Invoker showed you the email but did not display the attachment. This new feature lets' you download attachments to get a perfect preview of the email without sending it at all.


This release includes some minor bugfixes:

  • We've fixed an issue where nullable columns could not be set to NULL but only to empty strings
  • Sometimes SSH connections resulted into a white home screen – this has been fixed
  • Sorting a columns had impacts on other columns of models that are open in another tab – this has been fixed

You can download the newest version from the Beyond Code dashboard or get Invoker at invoker.dev.


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