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Introducing the Test Toolkit Plugin for Invoker

Diana Scharf

Today we released the Invoker Test Toolkit Plugin - and that makes Invoker even more powerful.

By taking full advantage of the powerful Invoker plugin structure, the Test Toolkit provides a crisp graphic interface for the PHPUnit tests of your Laravel application. Make sure that your dev dependencies are installed and you're ready to go!

Invoker Test Toolkit Plugin

Keep track of your tests

The list - a grid view is also available - provides an overview of all tests and the possibility to review the last result as well as run this single test in real time. In a large application with a lot of tests you can filter the tests by selecting the corresponding class from the sidebar. This makes it also possible to run specifically the tests from this class, which can be useful if you want to test a distinct process in your application - this can be a precious time-saver if you have plenty of tests! If you have ideas for advanced filters or test sorting, feel free to open a pull request - the plugin is open source on GitHub!

Running and evaluating PHPUnit tests in real time

Whether you want to run a single test, a specific class or all of your Laravel applications tests - the Invoker Test Toolkit gives you real time insight in the test process and the possibility to evaluate the test results instantly. Filter the test results by their outcome or have a closer look at one specific test case.

Review test cases from the past

The Test Toolkit saves the last result for every single test. This makes it easier for you to catch up with the last status while working on your tests to go green all the way!

Every developer needs a tool to speed up writing tests - and the new Invoker Test Toolkit Plugin helps you with that! The Invoker Test Toolkit is available for free in the plugin marketplace inside Invoker.

Do you have an idea for a great feature or found a bug? Just create a pull request or an issue on GitHub!


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