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Beyond Code acquires Invoker

Sebastian Schlein

Beyond Code acquires Invoker

Today, we are happy to announce that we completed the acquisition of Invoker from Boris Lepikhin.

Invoker is a desktop client for Laravel. It is like a zero-config admin panel for all your Laravel applications. You can open local applications or remote sites, and access Eloquent models plus their relationships without building a GUI. It's the perfect desktop companion when building Laravel applications or browsing your database with the convenience of Eloquent.

At Beyond Code, we have been early adopters of Invoker and are using it in our development workflow every day – but we also see that there is much potential for its future. We got in touch with Boris and discussed the future of Invoker. We realized that Boris wants to spend more time on his B2B startup and does not have the time to continue working on Invoker as much as he wants. By integrating Invoker into our Electron app ecosystem (Tinkerwell, HELO, and our upcoming course 'Desktop apps with Electron '), we can add new features to the app and give it more attention within the Laravel community. Invoker shares many concepts with Tinkerwell, and new foundational features like Docker support benefit both apps immediately.

As of now, Invoker is a Beyond Code product, and we are already implementing many improvements so that we can launch version 2 as soon as possible. If you have bought Invoker in the past, you can log in with your license key at our dashboard here and download version 2 as a free upgrade once it is released.


Instant admin panels for Laravel

Don’t waste time building admin panels for your Laravel applications. Let Invoker do the hard work for you. No coding. No setup. No stress.

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