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Interactive debugging with Tinkerwell

Marcel Pociot

Since Tinkerwell 2.2, it is possible to interactivly debug your Laravel apps. You can think of it as a dd helper with super powers. It allows you to instantly open up Tinkerwell and make your variables available in Tinkerwell.

Here's a quick video of how that looks like:

To make use of this in your own Laravel application, you first need to install a little package:

composer require --dev beyondcode/tinkerwell-helper

Once the package is installed, you have access to a global helper method called tinker.

A simple example would be:

$user = User::first();


This will open up Tinkerwell and you will have immediate access to the $user variable.

But you do not need to have a temporary variable, if you just want to inspect something. You can also do:


This is also going to open up Tinkerwell, but as you seen we have not given the data a specific variable name. To access this variable in Tinkerwell, you can use the $temp0 variable name.

You can also pass multiple things to the tinkerwell helper:

tinker($user, "a string", "something else");

This will make three variables available in Tinkerwell, named $temp0, temp1 and $temp2.

The tinker helper method really helped me boost my development workflow. It is also extremely handy when you want to debug some data that happens inside a queued job. Just put the tinker method in there and inspect the data using Tinkerwell.

Please note, that this feature currently only works on MacOS.

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