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Release Notes for version 2.8.5 - 2020-07-27

  • Feature: Open files without file extensions
  • Bugfix: Custom SSH PHP binaries do not override local PHP binary
  • Bugfix: Fixed weird editor scroll behavior with tabs open
  • Bugfix: Fixed code snippet sharing
  • Bugfix: Added support for PHPUnit > 8.4.5 in testing mode

Release Notes for version 2.8.4 - 2020-07-20

  • Bugfix: Setting SSH PHP executable overrides system PHP path

Release Notes for version 2.8.3 - 2020-07-09

This hotfix release addresses an issue that was introduced in 2.8.2.

Release Notes for version 2.8.2 - 2020-07-09

  • Bugfix: Tinkerwell starts with a blank window

Release Notes for version 2.8.0 - 2020-06-30

  • Feature: Keep your tabs, code, and folders when reopening the app
  • Feature: SSH Login via password
  • Feature: Modify the PHP binary to use via SSH
  • Feature: Strip open PHP tags