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Tinkerwell allows you to evaluate your code not only locally, via SSH, or on Laravel Vapor, but also on your Docker containers.

Connecting to a Docker container#

Tinkerwell will show you a Docker icon in the sidebar, as soon as you open a project that contains a docker-compose.yml file. Click on the Docker icon to open the configuration screen:

On this screen you have to provide the following information in order for Tinkerwell to run the code within your container:

Use Docker - Determines if you want to enable or disable the use of Docker for this project

Docker-Compose PHP Service - Choose the Docker Compose service that contains the PHP binary. If your container consists of multiple containers (for example PHP, MySQL, Redis, etc...), choose the one that holds PHP.

For example, when using Vessel, this is "app". When using Laravel Sail, this is "laravel.test".

Next, you can press "Auto-Detect" to let Tinkerwell figure out the working directory within your container.

After closing the configuration screen, Tinkerwell will evaluate your code within your container.