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As a global composer dependency#

Expose can be installed using composer.
The easiest way to install expose is by making it a global composer dependency:

composer global require beyondcode/expose

As a docker container#

Expose has a Dockerfile already in the source root. You can build and use it without requiring any extra effort.

docker build -t expose .


docker run expose <expose command>


docker run expose share # share a local site
docker run expose serve # start a server

Now you're ready to go and can share your first site.

Extending Expose#

By default, expose comes as an executable PHAR file. This allows you to use all of the expose features, like sharing your local sites, out of the box - without any additional setup required.

If you want to modify expose, for example by adding custom request/response modifiers, you will need to clone the GitHub repository instead.

You can learn more about how to customize expose in the extending Expose documentation section.