HELO — Painless local email testing


Release Notes for version 2.9.0 - 2020-09-10

  • Feature: Added Laravel 8 as built-in Laravel version
  • Feature: Docker Support
  • Feature: Add the ability to search SSH connections (#244)
  • Feature: Add the ability to manually refresh Forge sites and servers
  • Feature: Add executed SQL queries inline to the editor (Fixes #271)
  • Feature: Show execution time and memory usage (#243)
  • Featur: Added a context menu to SSH connections to delete/duplicate (#239)
  • Feature: Show errors occurring in table mode (#216)
  • Bugfix: Do not import revoked servers from Forge (#244)
  • Bugfix: Fix PHP version detection issue
  • Bugfix: Improved font family detection (#209)
  • Bugfix: Reset editor pane when quitting the app after watching a file (#289)