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Tinkerwell allows you to customize the application and editor that you use. You can open the application settings by clicking on the settings icon in the lower left corner.

There you can modify a lot of settings of the code editor. This includes modifying the theme, font, font size, line height, indentation size, showing the line numbers as well as forcing line wrapping.

The "Auto evaluate script" checkbox determines if you want to automatically execute your code as soon as it changes. While this is very useful while running simple helper functions or collection methods, you might want to disable this, when working with database queries.

This makes sure that you only run the code that you feel sure about running in the first place.

Advanced Settings#

The "Advanced" tab in the settings window allows you to specify the PHP version that you want to use. See the installation section to know more about this.

The Forge API Key can be used to automatically synchronize all of your available Forge sites with Tinkerwell, so that you can easily connect to them through Tinkerwell's SSH feature.

The default Laravel version can be customized in the advanced settings as well. By default Tinkerwell makes use of the latest available Laravel version (7.x) but you can also switch to Laravel 6 if you prefer that.