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PHPStorm Plugin


Tinkerwell offers a stand-alone PHPStorm plugin, that brings all of Tinkerwells features into your favorite IDE.

You will still need a valid Tinkerwell license key in order to use the plugin - if you don't yet have one, please buy a Tinkerwell license first.

The plugin allows you to evaluate PHP code using the configured PHP CLI - even via SSH, comes with database query inspection, and a table mode.

Installing the plugin#

You can download the plugin from the JetBrains marketplace:

Activating the plugin#

After installing the plugin, go to your PHPStorm settings and you will find a new entry called "Tinkerwell" in the "Tools" section of your settings:

Provide your Tinkerwell license key and press "Apply" to activate the plugin.

Using the plugin#

To use the Tinkerwell plugin within PHPStorm, you can either create a new scratch-file and run the code from that file, or use it within your existing PHP files.

You can either use the context menu in your PHP file to choose "Run with Tinkerwell", or you can make use of the existing key-bindings. Feel free to change those to your liking.

Using Tinkerwell on remote servers#

The Tinkerwell PHPStorm plugin can also run your code on remote SSH servers. The plugin makes use of your configured PHP CLI interpreter. In order to use a remote interpreter, go to your project settings to "Languages & Frameworks" and choose "PHP". Click on the three dots to configure a new remote PHP interpreter.

Click on the "+" button and create a new remote PHP interpreter.

Choose "SSH" and configure your remote server connection

Once you have configured and stored your remote server credentials, you still need to provide the path mapping, so that PHPStorm knows in which directory your code lives.

Configure your path mappings, so that you map your local directory to your remote directory on the configured server.

Now you're ready to go and Tinkerwell will now evaluate your PHP code on your configured server.