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You can download Tinkerwell from the official Tinkerwell website. The app is available for macOS, Windows and Linux and has a free mode that guides your through an onboarding tool and teaches you how to use the app. After that, you can run code 5 times daily – or get a license key for unlimited usage.

Setting up PHP#

Tinkerwell tries to automatically detect the correct PHP version of your system. To check which version and binary Tinkerwell detected, you can look at the Tinkerwell settings screen and make changes, if you want to use a different binary.

Please make sure that you have setup Tinkerwell to use the correct PHP binary for your system.

If you are on macOS and use PHP through homebrew, the correct location needs to be /usr/local/bin/php. Except if you are running multiple PHP versions in parallel – but if you do that, you likely know where to find the path.