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IDE plugins

The Tinkerwell plugins for Sublime Text and VS Code are deprecated and will be removed with the launch auf Tinkerwell 3

Tinkerwell has IDE plugins for PhpStorm, VSCode and Sublime Text 3. All of them require a licensed version of Tinkerwell that is installed in the default system path. The plugins are only capable of running code locally. So if you are using Homestead or want to run code via SSH, please use the standalone app.

Currently, all plugins are tested on macOS only and might not work on other operating systems due to system constraints.

Tinkerwell for PhpStorm#

The plugin for PhpStorm can be found in the IntelliJ marketplace here.

After you have installed the plugin, you can select and run the code with right click --> Run with Tinkerwell or by pressing Option+Command+R,T (this means holding Option+Command and pressing R and T after another.) R,T are chosen to easily memorize run with Tinkerwell.

The code is executed and a window with the result opens itself. Keep in mind that all variables of the selected code need to be present, otherwise Tinkerwell will throw an error as it can't magically figure out the content of the missing variables.

Screenshot of Tinkerwell in PhpStorm

Tinkerwell for Sublime Text 3#

You can install the Tinkerwell plugin for Sublime Text 3 via Package Control. The plugin adds items for Tinkerwell in the right click context menu – you can run code by selecting the lines that you want to run and clicking Run with Tinkerwell in the context menu.

The Sublime Text 3 plugin is broken and needs an update. You can track the progress here

Screenshot of Tinkerwell in Sublime Text 3

Tinkerwell for Visual Studio Code#

The Tinkerwell extension for Visual Studio Code can be installed via the extension marketplace within the IDE.

To run code, select it and press Control+Option+N or click Run with Tinkerwell in the right click context menu.

Opening code by clicking Open in Tinkerwell does not work. You can track the progress of this issue here.

Screenshot of Tinkerwell in Visual Studio Code