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Release Notes for version 2.5.0

New features#

  • Added Git branch detection to the footer
  • Improved the Invoker plugin skeletons
  • An SSH connection can now toggle between password and key authentication
  • Array columns in Artisan commands are now supported
  • Improved the Model accessor detection
  • Improved the application updater


  • Fixed double scrollbar bug
  • Plugin creation is only possible when a project is opened
  • Fixed an issue when trying to install certain plugins on Windows
  • Fixed an issue where model events that generate fields automatically would return an error
  • Defined LARAVEL_START, which would break apps that rely on the constant
  • Fixed an issue where navigating inside a text field would select a new model
  • Large JSON records are now truncated in the table view
  • The datetime/date fields remain empty when you don't enter a value and just leave the field
  • The Invoker window can now be closed with CMD+W on MacOS
  • Using Invoker with multiple SSH users no longer throws an error