Are you looking for a chatbot? We‘re developing BotMan, the worlds biggest open source PHP chatbot framework, which is used by thousands of developers around the planet.

See Marcel talking about BotMan at the Laracon EU 2017 conference in Amsterdam in front of 750 developers or check out the framework at the official site at

By building BotMan Studio, our open source chat bot platform, we give agencies a robust rapid development tool for building messenger applications for their clients.

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BotMan is a PHP-based open source framework that has established itself as the de-facto standard over a period of just 12 months when it comes to developing chatbots in the PHP programming language. It doesn’t matter whether the chatbot finds its home in Slack, Facebook Messenger or even voice-controlled on the Amazon Echo Dot, BotMan is built for cross-plattform development and can be extended easily.

With more than 15,000 installs, there are already a large number of chat bots that have been developed with the help of our framework for customers and agencies.


What exactly is a chatbot? Perhaps you think of the term “chatbot” as an artificial intelligence that can fullfill every wish before your user can even express it. Unfortunately, however, the technology is not quite as far advanced on this point.

A chatbot is basically a text- or voice-controlled program that can do tasks. For example, it can be used in your company’s internal chat program to automate various activities and at the same time make them transparent to everyone.

Or you have an online shop and would like to offer an automated but nevertheless personal customer service.

The possibilities of using chatbots are almost boundless – and with the use of artificial intelligence, he may not understand every wish, but at least some intentions.

Laracon EU 2017 Talk

From zero to multi-platform Chatbot with BotMan