Introducing BotMan Playground

Today, we are announcing our newest product: BotMan Playground – Create, Share and Debug your chatbots in your browser.

BotMan Playground provides you with a simple-to-use online code editor to instantly get started with your chatbot development. Just edit your code and try your changes in the BotMan Playground web widget.

Your Chatbot playgrounds can be publicly accessible by everyone – think of it as GitHub for chatbot projects. You can share your chatbots and other people can see a read-only version of your code and even try out your chatbot on your connected messaging services.

If you like the chatbot that someone shared with you – just fork the playground to tinker with it on your own!

The BotMan Playground is part of the BotMan ecosystem and is therefore built on top of the most popular PHP chatbot library available. With it’s elegant and simple to use API, you will get started with your chatbots in no time!

During the beta, you need to be enrolled in the Build A Chatbot Video Course which starts at the end of January.

See our official tweet here:


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